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Use a Chessboard as an Elegant Piece of Home Decor

When accessorising your home office, library, or stylish coffee table, don't forget to include chess sets to give the room a luxurious appearance.

Whether you regularly play the game and want to show off your interest or simply like the way it looks, there are many ways to incorporate the elegance of chess into your home decor.

This game has endured for so long for a reason, so it would be wise to give it a shot right now.

Check out some of the ideas below before you buy chess sets to determine how you can incorporate chess sets into your decor.

Decorative chess sets

A stunning chess set on a desk or chess table may instantly transform a living room or office into a high-end, stylish setting.




Since chess sets come in a variety of styles and colours today, they are versatile enough to fit into any décor or colour scheme. A conventional hardwood chess set might be excellent in a professional office, but if you're purchasing one for your home, try including a modern metal chess set.

The aesthetic you've established with a few chess sets scattered throughout your home may satisfy you, or you may yearn for more chess accessories. 

Discover the few options below that you can consider if you are planning to buy chess sets in Australia.

  • A Gold and Silver Chess Set

Usually, chess pieces are made of aluminium and have gold or silver plating applied to them. There are solid gold chess sets, albeit they are usually used as status symbols or decorative objects rather than as functioning sets. Gold and silver-plated chess sets can add a touch of elegance to your game while withstanding the rigours of regular use.

  • The Bronze Chess Set

Another common material used to create metal chess sets is bronze. Each piece has a rich, shiny finish that gives them the look of carved sculptures and will give a royal appearance if used as a decor item. Even some bronze chess sets use pieces that are modelled after real people rather than the conventional design.

Even though the bulky metal pieces are attractive on their own, they have an even greater impact when placed on the sleek, contemporary chessboard. Friends will undoubtedly compliment you on this lovely set. This handcrafted modern metallic chess set in silver and black nickel finish will look amazing in your living room.

Each piece has an outstanding level of intricacy and is cast from gold, silver, and other metals. These exquisite chess pieces go perfectly with the gorgeous wooden board with silver finish metal and black vinyl. If you love to play chess, you'd probably prefer to buy chess sets made of the best metallic material.